Zagi HP-60 Pro-Kit (Without Batt, ESC or Motor)

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The Zagi HP-60 is graceful and fast 60 inch flying wing. This flying wing has lower wing loading making it a good camera platform and for UAV and FPV applications.  Lower wing loading for improved thermal performance and lower landing speed. More span improves stability too. Expand your fly zone with the five foot flying wing. 

The evolution of the Zagi model moved naturally from hobbyists to a commercial and militery UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) training tool.  NASA Ames, the US Navy and many public/private schools and universities use the Zagi-60 to introduce students to UAV and FPV flight. The Zagi-60 design has expanded into the emerging FPV (first person view) market for research using FPV for military and civilian research.

The Pro-Kit comes with:

  • HP mount system
  • Balsa elevons
  • Hinge tape
  • 5 Carbon fiber spars
  • Plywood spar
  • 1 roll color tape
  • 1 Roll fiber tape
  • Illustrated instruction book
Zagi Brushless Inrunner PowerPak: 
Includes Zagi 3100 kv 28 X 36 mm Brushless motor + 40 amp Brushless ESC + 2100 mAh LiPo battery + prop and adapter.















  All EPP Foam
    CNC wire cut
Airfoil: Zagi 101.5 Light plywood brace
Flying Weight: 34.oz Five carbon spar matrix
Wing Area: 3.6sq ft Transverse battery position
Wing Loading: 9.44oz sq ft Carbon prop w/machined hub




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  • Model: ZZ460
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs

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